Do you love drinking latte and want to make the perfect barista quality latte? You are not alone. Latte aficionados worldwide would like to know how to make the perfect latte so they can have their favorite drink whenever they want.

Caffe Latte, which is also known as just Latte, is a popular drink worldwide for its creamy goodness. Dubbed as the creamiest coffee drink ever, latte in Italian means milk coffee. Here are a few tips to help you make the best latte. Make sure you have the right espresso maker like Nespresso to brew the perfect tasting latte every time.


  • Latte is actually an espresso shot that has steamed milk of about two-thirds portion added to it with a foamy milk layer on the surface. Based on how you prefer your latte you can go for the flat white surface without the foamy layer or increase the espresso concentration for more caffeine boost.
  • The secret ingredient that makes latte absolutely delicious is the coffee bean. Although it is best to try different coffee brands to know which suits your taste best, beans that are of medium dark roast type are ideal for milk based coffee drinks.
  • Even if espresso tastes good regardless of the bean type you choose, a latte is not as flexible. This is because of the addition of milk. The milk changes the strength and flavor. In general, weak and subtle taste profiles do not go well with lattes
  • A well pronounced and bold flavor is ideal for a latte as this makes the natural coffee taste dominate the milk added.
  • Full bodied or medium bodied coffees are best for a latte. This is because the coffee boosts the rich quality needed for latte. If you choose a light bodied coffee, you will be left with a watery taste.
  • Type of coffee bean: There are two main coffee bean types used for coffees, which include Robusta beans and Arabica beans. While Robusta is perfect for making espresso coffee as it has plenty of crema, it does not have many subtypes. So when you choose Robusta coffee bean, you should look for beans of superior quality and ensure they are fresh for the best tasting latte. If you are choosing Arabica, it has plenty of subtypes. Choose the premium quality coffee beans like Typica, Ethiopian or Bourbon. Bourbon offers a well-rounded flavor, while Ethiopian has strong blueberry notes. Typica has a balanced flavor.
  • As mentioned before, medium dark coffee bean roast is the ideal choice for a delicious latte. While choosing medium dark varieties, choose seasonally picked dark roasts for a flavorsome latte.
  • Since latte has milk as the dominant addition, the drink has to complement the froth well. Medium blends that have more concentration of beans of Latin American origin and made for espresso are best. The taste notes should have caramel and chocolate flavor for the taste of the latte to stand out.

Hope you liked our latte making tips. Remember that for a classic latte with best taste and texture, you need to use a blend of coffee beans. Single origin coffees can emit specific flavor peaks, which can affect the taste.

Last Updated: 04/02/2023