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The Peruvian coffees have a sweet and mellow smoothly finished flavor. They are best when medium roasted and delivers a complex, light acid, full body and a live sparkling finish.

Top Peruvian Coffees

Peruvian Coffee

Coffee from Peru is usually suppressed by other South American countries coffee. Coffee was initially introduced in Peru during the 18th century and typica variety is the most grown coffee. Lack of advanced processing methods and infrastructure hindered coffee growing in the nation in 20th century. Government intervention in the coffee industry in the nation has helped to keep the industry in the right direction. The nation ranks fifth as organic coffee exporters in the world.

Peru coffee taste and flavor

Peru is one of the best flavored coffees in the world with a rich aroma and flavor. Th most common taste is mild acid, light body, pleasant and mellow aroma. The best beans in the region are characterized by good gentle aroma


Most of the Peruvian coffee is organically produced. This was mostly because the fact that most farmers would not afford chemical farming products such as pesticides fertilizers. Peru coffee has been certified as organic coffee.


Certifying ethical coffee in Peru fair trade and organic coffee beans certifying have all been as a result of the rising coffee farmers cooperatives. These have helped small scale farmers to get fairer and better prices for their coffees. These organizations consist of about ¼ of the total number of farmers in Peru and have helped them to sell their beans at worth -able prices. One of the initiatives laid out to help the farmers is offering training and encouraging farmers to use more advanced production methods including harvesting and processing to improve on the quality and the yields

Major growing regions in Peru

Peruvian coffee beans range from mild quality to bulk, bright, vibrant and great quality coffees depending on the plant type and the region where the coffees are grown. Most Peruvian coffee is high grown with tropical climate altitude and rich volcanic soils which are all together for growing coffee organically and give high end results. The major coffees in Peru named with regions:

Urubamba coffee beans

Urubamba is a marketing name given to the coffees grown along the south parts of the country. The major locations are Machu Picchu and Cusco regions. These beans come from the sacred valleys of the country which are processed using the washing method and are usually smooth with a very pleasant aroma.

Chanchamayo coffee beans

These are coffee beans coming from valley of Chanchamayo and consist of the country’s best coffee beans. They are grown along the Andes Mountain which is characterized by high elevations and rich good volcanic soils. The coffee beans from this region are processed using the wet method and they are medium to light bodied with bright and mild acidity. The coffees grown in this region are high grown and also organic.

The coffees produced using this beans has medium body with unique softness and a more refined flavor. It contains nutty notes with rich chocolate flavor. The coffee is normally sweet with citrus hints and a bright sweet and satisfying well balanced flavor.

Quality coffees from Peru

Capis coffee

Just like other high quality coffees like the black ivory, capis is produced by harvesting coffee beans which are indigested from the coati’s feces (ask northern Americans). This is a very expensive coffee and only those who are enthusiastic about taking good coffee and are ready to pay the price.

Quechua coffee

One of the very desirable coffees and best quality is the Quechua coffee from Puno remote region in Peru. `This coffee is among the best in the world having recently won in Seattle award for specialty expo for global coffees. However most farmers are turning their back to coffee growing for they have been unprofitable besides the region producing the best of bests of coffee beans.

Roasting the Peruvian coffee beans

Since the coffee from Peru are neither strongly acid nor in flavor they can do well as blends as they are not likely to suppress the flavors of others. They are well roasted as either medium or dark roast. Since the Peru coffee beans are subtle they can stand the dark roasting method without losing it sweetness and flavor characteristics. Dark roast best highlights the neutrality and aromatic Peru coffee characteristic with the fruitier hints.


The coffee beans from Peru are highly favored by filtering and drip brewing. The coffees also stand well in both cream and milk additions.

Automatic dripping – The coffee produced in Peru is best filtered since it is medium bodied and mild bright acid. Freshly grounded and roasted coffee will produce a fantastic cup of coffee using this method. Paper filters help to bring Peruvian coffee beans taste and aroma in the perfect manner.

Issues in Peru coffee growing

The production of Peru coffee beans have not only thrived in quantity but also in quality. The approximate number of farmers in Peru is around 100 000. Most of them grow the coffees traditionally and organically under the shades. Most of the coffees are high grown and consist of the high quality Arabica beans.

Twenty four percent of the Peruvian coffee exports are to the United States which also is the major importer. The rises of coffee farmers cooperatives have helped to not only promote fair trade in coffee industry but also organic beans production and market.

The country suffered leaf lust epidemic in the year 2014 which affected like half of the total Peru coffee production.

Small scale farmers are now wet processing their coffees and use more quality and mechanized systems to produce their coffees which have helped improve the quality of the coffee beans.

Where to buy coffee beans from Peru

Peruvian coffee beans are available in amazon as either single origin or blend. They can also be bought in volcanica; coffee provides who sell Peruvian beans on medium roast which of course is done with order. Other roasters providing the Peruvian coffee are the Owens and sweet Maria coffee roasters among others.

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