Best Pukka Teas in 2023

Pukka Teas are some of the most popular teas in the market today for their unique flavoring and a variety of health benefits. Whether you want to energize your mind, balance your hormones, go through a detox, or simply relax with a cup of tea – there is something to cater to every individual need.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Pukka Organic Tea Bags, Relax Selection Box Herbal Tea, 45 Tea Bags
  • The perfect relaxing gift containing 45 expertly blended sachets.
  • Recyclable packaging with beautiful gold foiling details.
  • A selection of five herbal teas: Love, Relax, Night Time, Tulsi Clarity and Chamomile Vanilla & Manuka Honey.
  • From soothing blends to encourage peaceful dreams to loving ingredients to warm your heart, our Relax Selection Box is the perfect way to discover the delicious flavors of our herbal teas.
  • Expertly blended by herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients.
#2 Coffee Cup News - Pukka Herbal Tea Sampler, Organic Tea, Eco-friendly, Self Care Gift Box, 45 Tea Bags, 9 Flavors
  • The perfect self care gift containing 45 expertly blended sachets.
  • Recyclable packaging with beautiful gold foiling details.
  • From warming herbs to keep you feeling strong to soothing blends to help you drift off into a peaceful rest, our Selection Box is the perfect way to discover the delicious flavors of our herbal teas.
  • A selection of nine herbal teas: Supreme Matcha Green, Turmeric Gold, Feel New, Elderberry & Echinacea, Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey, Love, Peppermint & Licorice, Three Ginger and Night time.
  • Expertly blended by herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients.
#3 Coffee Cup News - Pukka Herbal Teas -Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey 20 Bags
  • Delicately sweet and soothing
  • Individually wrapped for freshness
  • Certified organic
  • German (Publication Language)
#4 Coffee Cup News - Pukka Organic Tea Bags, Elderberry & Echinacea Herbal Tea, Perfect for Wellness Support, 20 Count (P
  • A rich organic embrace tingling with fruity warmth. Pukka’s Immunity family is formulated to help both acute and longer-term immunity issues using only the finest plant-sourced organic ingredients.
  • Naturally caffeine-free.
  • All ingredients Certified Organic; Gluten Free; Kosher; Vegan; Certified Fair for Life.
  • The highest quality pharmacopoeial grade herbs.
  • Contains 3 boxes, each containing 20 individually wrapped tea bags.
#5 Coffee Cup News - Pukka Tea Organic, Herbal Tea Sampler For Everyday Wellness, 90 Tea Bags
  • Designed to support from dawn to dusk, discover a daily journey of vitality and joy with delicious organic herbal tea.
  • With 90 sachets of 6 delicious flavors, our herbal tea is blended by our in-house herbal experts using a balance of organic ingredients to create enjoyable moments throughout the day with Supreme Green Matcha, Turmeric Gold, Three Mint, Relax, Three Ginger & Love.
  • Made from sustainably sourced premium card, and our beautifully crafted herbal tea gifts are fully recyclable, right down to the organic cotton string on our home compostable tea bags.
  • Once blended into a tea bag, the herbs are then protected by our FSC certified recyclable paper sachet that retains the quality and flavor until you are ready to enjoy.
  • Perfect for small offices or as a working from home gift, our Workday Wellness gift is ideal for students, teachers or work colleagues.

Pukka Teas

Pukka is a UK-based tea company that has been in the market for more than 15 years. They not only have an intriguing collection of tea products but they are also available at affordable prices. If you’re a tea lover you would do well to check out the fascinating range of Pukka Teas.


There is a wide variety of Pukka Teas available in the market. Some of the most popular ones include the likes of Chamomile Fennel, Marshmallow Root, Matcha Green, Cinnamon, and Cleanse. Most of them have additional flavoring to them which add some extra oomph to the tea. For instance, the Chamomile Tea has Vanilla, Manuka and fennel which gives it a wonderful profile but never powers the Chamomile.


There are various Pukka Teas that are used for different purposes. For instance, Pukka ‘LOVE’ is a fragrant tea with a strong chamomile flavor that soothes and relaxes the body while improving skin tone. For a tea that is rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, there is Pukka ‘Wonder Berry Green’. For women who want to balance their hormones and bloom, there is Pukka ‘Womankind’. So for every defect there is a Pukka Tea that can come to your aid.

Pukka Teas can also be used for a thorough cleansing. Their ‘Detox’ and ‘Cleanse’ teas are designed for such purposes and contain ingredients that work to flush out the waste from your body and make you feel better after a cup or two. Of course, such teas cleansing teas are not to be had in excess because of their laxative content. Nevertheless, the peppermint and fennel do help to soothe the stomach.


Any natural product must be checked for its certifications. Fortunately, with Pukka you won’t have to worry. That is because they use their business as a force for good. 1% of all their revenues are invested in environmental and social causes. Furthermore, their teas are completely organic and their farming practices ensure carbon neutrality. Pukka also positively impacts the lives of growers and farmers all over the world.

Packaging and Sustainability

Pukka teabags don’t contain any kind of plastic. Instead, they incorporate organic cotton stitching and a unique folding process to hold the teabags together. All Pukka organic herbal blends are wrapped in recyclable envelopes to secure the freshness and essential oil content that provides the teas with their trademark taste.

These wrapped envelopes protect the teas from losing the depth of their flavors thereby securing the herbal health benefits. They also prevent cross contamination of smell or flavor with nearby foods. Rest assured your Pukka Teas are always going to exude freshness and deliver the tantalizing flavors and healthy benefits that they are known for.









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