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For coffee connoisseurs nothing but the best will do, which is why they love Ruta Maya Coffee. The pure arabica coffee bean roast used in Ruta Maya Coffee delivers the perfect coffee taste that stays with you and keeps you invigorated for a long time. The expertly blended coffees are available in different varieties.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Ruta Maya Coffee Medium Roast Whole Bean Original 2 lb Bag
  • Organic Medium Roasted Coffee
  • Whole bean
  • certified organic by the USDA
  • shade grown and hand picked
  • Exceptional richness
#2 Coffee Cup News - Ruta Maya Organic Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 Count - 2.2 Lbs. Each
#3 Coffee Cup News - RUTA MAYA COFFEE Dark Roast, 35.2 OZ
  • Ruta maya's organic dark roasted coffee is a rich, distinctive and aromatic roast. Smooth flavor with hardly a trace of the bitterness often found in dark roasts. It is certified organic by the usda and uses 100% arabica beans shade grown and hand picked by a cooperative of maya indian farmers in the highlands of chiapas, mexico. Exceptional richness is derived from ancient growing techniques combined with gentle roasting to extract the ultimate in coffee depth and flavor.
  • Rich, distinctive and aromatic roast
  • Smooth flavor with hardly a trace of the bitterness often found in dark roasts
#4 Coffee Cup News - Ruta Maya Organic Decaffeinated Coffee Dark Roast 2.2 Lbs
  • Rich, distinctive, aromatic roast
  • Smooth flavor with hardly a trace of the bitterness often found in dark roasts
  • Decaffeinated using the "Swiss water process" using no chemicals or solvents
  • Preserves the most flavor possible for decaffeinated coffee
#5 Coffee Cup News - Ruta Maya Organic Dark Roast Coffee 5 lb. Bag

Ruta Maya Coffee

Ruta Maya Coffee is a certified organic coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. The shade grown coffee beans are cultivated in Mexican coffee farms by strategic partnership with cooperatives set up by Mayan farmers in the Chiapas region.

About Ruta Maya Coffee

Since its inception in 1990, Ruta Maya Coffee is a family owned initiative that imports special grade Arabic coffee from Chiapas highlands in Mexico. The coffee beans are roasted with care to ensure the right flavor.

Coffee beans used for Ruta Maya Coffee are cultivated in the organic farming method using conventional growing principles. The company encourages this method to help landowners adopt sustainable growth and to replenish their lands for the future, while promoting the safety of natural resources.

The company works with small and independent farm cooperatives to enable them into becoming a robust economic entity in their community.

How Ruta Maya Coffee is made

Each and every component and phase of coffee production at Ruta Maya Coffee is expertly crafted and meticulously carried out.

Arabica coffee beans

Ruta Maya prefers Arabica beans for its low acidity and smooth flavors. The coffee bean favors high elevations and grows best in harsh weather conditions, which promote slow growth ensuing refined and excellent flavors. The coffee beans after being processed, roasted and made into grounds are as a result of superior quality.

Organically grown coffee

The coffee beans used in Ruta Maya Coffee do not contain herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Due to this the beans are of exceptional quality and further the production is done in clean water, air and soil conditions.

Special growing process

The coffee beans are shade grown hence they mature slowly. This results in natural sugar formation and heightened flavor profile.

Volcanic soil

Grown in volcanic soil that has the right combination of soil rich in minerals, high altitude and tropical weather ensures the coffee grown is of best quality.

Crop rotation

The coffee grown is rotated regularly with several other crops. This helps in preserving soil nutrients and keeps the soil fertile for fresh crop production. Farmers are thus prevented from cutting trees for clearing land thus protecting the ecosystem. The small farms are mostly family owned and hence benefit economically due to the multiple harvests.

Superior Selection

With Ruta Maya Coffee you can be assured of the coffee beans being selected meticulously. Only ripest of cherries are harvested, sorted and processed.


The carefully chosen coffee beans are roasted in tiny batches to ensure quality control and deliver the freshest coffee for consumers.

Air cooling

The roasted coffee is air cooled prior to packing. This ensures the beans breathe properly and retain their quality.

Try Rich and Flavor filled Ruta Maya Coffee

Whether you love freshly roasted Arabica coffee or decaf, Ruta Maya Coffee has just the flavor and aroma that keeps you yearning for more. Try Ruta Maya Coffee to know the exquisite taste, flavors and aroma that remain unrivalled.

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