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Saeco is a small enterprise that was founded in 1981 in Italy. From the early stage, they have used all tools possible to provide the best machine for their customers. Saeco was the first industry to develop the bean to cup machine. The machine is an automatic device and an innovative Italian espresso brewing system that turns the beans to what you can take in your cup.


Top Saeco Espresso Machines

More About Saeco

Saeco is a small enterprise that was founded in 1981 in Italy. From the early stage, they have used all tools possible to provide the best machine for their customers. Saeco was the first industry to develop the bean to cup machine. The machine is an automatic device and an innovative Italian espresso brewing system that turns the beans to what you can take in your cup.

Saeco as a company has grown to become one of the most prominent professional coffee machine producers in the world. Their reputation keeps increasing thanks to the many collaborations they have entered over the years which has helped in further boosting their stand in the market.

All Saeco products are as a result of incorporation of innovative professional technology. All their products carry the best design making them most sought after in the market.

The Saeco Product Types

There are several products offered by Saeco. Their products come in 3 lines. The vending line, professional line, and the OCS line. With these, they have been able to meet the demand of the several coffee consumers in the world. Here are some of their top coffee machine offered in the world.

The Saeco Vending line

1. Table Top (Rubino)

The Rubino is one of the tabletop coffee maker provided by Saeco. It is automatic coffee machine with the latest world top designs, and the machine performance is world class. Here are some of the unique features of this machine.

  • The Saeco Rubino machine makes use of the Saeco TTT (Twin Taste Tech) brewing technology which makes it easier to deliver both Paperless fresh brew coffee and espresso coffee without the use of any software or mechanical presetting.
  • The Saeco Rubino is designed for small and medium location and can deliver up to 8 different beverages.
  • The table top Rubino can serve up to 195 cups.
  • The Saeco Rubino makes use of energy class A (EVA – EMP 3.0)

2. Freestanding Hot (Cristallo)

The Freestanding Cristallo is one of the new Saeco Evo lines. The birth of this product come from collaboration with top coffee machine designer. It houses one of the marvelous designs available and makes use of top material for its production. Here are some of the machine unique features;

  • The Cristallo makes use of aluminum inlay coupled with more modern and emotional graphics and color display.
  • The Saeco Cristallo machine is developed and designed to reduce maintenance and services and also enhance the machine performance with the innovative Gran Gusto technology.
  • The Saeco Cristallo machine makes use of fewer energy thanks to the LED lighting system it uses which helps in reducing power consumption.
  • The Cristallo machine has five containers and can offer up to 42 different beverages.
  • The machine is designed in such a way that it can serve up to 400 cups.
  • It also makes use of the energy class A (EVA – EMP 3.0)
  • The Boilers is made from brass, and it has a standard water supply and also welcomes an independent water tank kit.

3. Freestanding Hot (Atlante EVO)

The Atlante EVO is another top product from Saeco. This machine also carries several amazing features which include;

  • The Atlante EVO serves up to 700 cups and as such is best suited for commercial purpose and for schools.
  • The Atlante EVO has more than 20 selections with its version 1 or 2 grinders.
  • The Atlante boiler is made with brass.
  • The Atlante EVO machine makes use of an LED lighting system which helps it get reduced power consumption.
  • The machine comes with a double grinder and double boiler which help in delivering more results quickly.


The Saeco Professional Line

The Saeco professional line also has a wide range of coffee machine makers. Here are some of them.

1. The Iperautomatica

The Iperautomatica is a machine created as a link between the vending line and the OCS line. It carries one of the most beautiful graphic design, and it has several professional features that make it more powerful, they include;

  • The IperAutomatica can brew up to 8 different beverages and is best suited for consumption rates of 30-50 products per day.
  • The IperAutomatica massive height of 550mm makes it perfect for your kitchen.
  • The machines come with a water tank that can be removed from 3 different directions.
  • The IperAutomatica has an independent water tank with a personalized lock.

2. Dosing Grinders (MD)

The Dosing grinder is another high-performance coffee machine offered by Saeco. It serves as the perfect complement for every professional coffee machine. Here are some of the features of this beautiful machine.;

  • The Dosing grinder comes both in an automatic and manual version.
  • The Dosing grinder is equipped with a hardened steel blade of 75mm that is flat which help in automatically adjusting the amount of ground coffee.
  • The machine framework is developed with aluminum with a 1.5kg container capacity.


The Saeco OCS line

The OCS line is another top coffee machine produced by Saeco. Here are some of the amazing products under this line;

1. Aulika Evo Top

The Aulika Evo Top is a machine produced by Saeco that combines modern, sophisticated design, and reliable technology in its production process. Here are some of the machine amazing features;

  • The machine has a backlit photo icon which helps in offering a wide range of direct to cup beverages.
  • After each beverage production phase, the LED lightning equipped in the machine turns on and off delivering a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • The machine also has double hydraulic circuit which help increases its efficiency.
  • Aulika Evo Top has a large water capacity and a coffee tank.
  • The machine can easily be maintained and cleaned thanks to the set of maintenance kits and accessories provided by the machine makers.
  • The Aulika Evo Top has a high-speed Cappuccino function which assists in getting simultaneous coffee and foamed milk dispensing.

2. SE Profession coffee machine

Another top coffee machine provided for all coffee brewing solution is the SE Professional coffee machine. It is best suited for locations where there is low level of consumption of coffee, some of its other features include;

  • The SE machine has a hot water wand and a steam wand.
  • The machine has a strong and solid stainless steel body which makes it very easy to clean.
  • The machine makes use of a super triple thermoblock technology which ensures the brewing unit is always heated.

What Makes Saeco products unique?

There are several reasons why the coffee machine provided by Saeco is unique and the best for your business. It incorporates the world latest technology in order to deliver the best machine that carries marvelous designs that beat those from other industries.

Even in the face of the quality all their products carry, they are all offered in the market at competitive prices which makes it affordable for all their customers. Their machine is guaranteed to last for a long period of time compared to other machine offered by their competitors.

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