Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best company is one of the best coffee brands in the world today. They have a lot of respect around the world, not because of their wonderfully roasted coffee grounds, but because of the fact that the company started off when Seattle was known only for serving the worst cup of coffee. Read more about this below.



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Peet's Coffee, French Roast, Dark Roast, K-Cup Pack (54 ct.), Single Cup Coffee Pods, Bold Dark Roast Blend of Latin American Coffees, with A Smoky, Flavorful Bite; for All Keurig K-Cup Brewers
  • QUALITY COFFEE, NOW IN K-CUPS: Since Alfred Peet opened his first coffee shop, Peet's Coffee has been known for quality coffees, carefully roasted for full flavor. Now that quality flavor is in the convenience of single serve K-Cups for all Keurig Brewers.
  • BLENDS FOR ALL TASTES: Single serve doesn't mean single taste. Whether you enjoy starting each morning with Peet's dark roast House Blend, our light roast Café Domingo, or you prefer a variety, you can keep your morning routine without brewing a whole pot.
  • SAME CARE, SAME COFFEE: The coffee in Peet's K-Cups for your Keurig Brewing System is the same quality coffee, roasted with the same care, as our bagged coffee. Enjoy the convenience of a single cup of fresh coffee with the taste & quality of Peet's.
  • LIGHT, MEDIUM & DARK ROAST: Peet's K-Cup single serve coffee pods brew a mug of coffee in some of our most popular blends. Light roast coffees are mild & smooth, medium roast coffees are smooth & aromatic, while dark roast coffees are smoky & full bodied.
  • COMPARE WITH: Eight O'clock, Vitascope, illy, Folgers, Organic Coffee Co., Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Koffee Kult, Copper Moon, Community Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, Don Tomas Coffee, Caza Trail Coffee, Hygge Coffee Co.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle has not always been at the center of the coffee universe. In fact, the city was known as one of those places where bad coffee was served. But the scenario changed when a group of passionate coffee lovers started a revolution somewhere in the 1970s.

Seattle’s Best’s founders were some of the first coffee pioneers. The company first began as a combination of ice cream and coffee shop knowns as the Wet Whiskers in the city in 1969. Jim Stewart, one of the founders purchased green coffee beans from local roasters to be sold at Wet Whiskers. By the end of the next year, Jim sold Wet Whiskers and opened another coffee and ice cream store in Seattle’s Waterfront. This outlet was named the Stewart Brothers Wet Whiskers as Jim’s brother, Dave, also joined the business.

Soon, the brothers changed the name to Stewart Brothers Coffee and began to expand the business. The company then renamed itself to Seattle’s Best Coffee in 1991. AFC Enterprises acquired Seattle Coffee Holdings and initiated the franchising of the brand in 1998. Today, the coffee revolution has spread across America and Seattle’s Best company is one of them that offers smooth taste and bold flavors.

Why Seattle’s Best Coffee?

Seattle’s Best is a lot cheaper than Starbucks. The coffee also tastes nice and is becoming very popular among the crowd. The company also offers some of the best packages and blends – k-cup coffee, whole, ground bean. What makes this company so unique is that the level system makes it very easy to choose the correct coffee. They have also released brand-new packages as well.

Roasting process

The company makes use of Arabica beans, which are sourced from Latin America. Seattle’s Best works very closely with the farmers to make sure that the consistency of the beans remains the same. This means that you will get the best taste and flavor each and every time.

The master blenders create the most unique blends with approachable and easy taste. You can be sure to get the same smooth coffee in each batch, because of their expertise and experience. The company insists on rigorous quality checks before finally shipping it. The quality and consistency are also checked when the beans arrive for the roasting approval.

The master roasters micro-roast and taste-test to check if the beans match up to the set standards and criteria. Once everything checks out fine, the beans are finally shipped for consumption. The coffee beans that have been approved go through a very special roasting process that results in a very smooth flavor. Experts work very carefully to perfect each and every batch.

Here are some Seattle’s Best levels:

Seattle’s Best breakfast blend

This blend is very bright and crisp, coupled with some citrus notes. With a light body and mild flavor, this level is perfect if you are looking for a nice morning cup of joe. The coffee is a bit crisp and acidic and will wake you up perfectly. This blend is a good choice if you like citric and light coffee that is not on the bitter or strong side.

Seattle’s Best House blend

This level is balanced and smooth. The House blend has subtle flavor notes and a mild taste. Of course, it has a lesser acidic than the breakfast blend and is not bitter at all. It is an easy choice to drink if you like to simply sip your cup of coffee all day long. It is a very mild and nice blend and has a slightly better taste.

Seattle’s Best Level 3 (also known as Portside blend)

This is a very smooth and nice medium roast that is well-balanced. It is almost similar to the House Blend but has a bit more flavor, which is well-balanced as well.

Seattle’s Best Level 4 (also known as 6th Avenue Bistro)

For people who love dark roasts, this is the level you should go for. This level is very strong, yet smooth and balanced right. It has delicious and toasty notes, a hint of chocolate and brown sugar. The flavors are also toasty and deep, but not too overroasted or bitter. It is also one of the company’s best selling blends. You also have the option of going for the organic variant as well.

Seattle’s Best Level 5 (also known as Post Alley)

This is Seattle’s Best’s strongest blend. Intense and rich, this coffee has a bold, good and complex taste. There is no acidity whatsoever and nutty and dark chocolate notes. If you are a fan of dark roast coffee, then this is the blend you are looking for. The Post Alley blend is also perfect if you want to have milky drinks and iced coffee.

Seattle’s Best K-cups

Apart from ground coffee and whole beans, Seattle’s Best also manufactures k-cups. You will have five options to choose from – hazelnut and flavored vanilla k-cups, Portside blend k-cups, house blend k-cups, and breakfast blend k-cups. You will not find level 4 and 5 k-cups.

Some great ground coffee you get here are:

Post Alley Blend

Intense and smoky, this blend tastes robust, rich and bold. This is an intense and smoky French roast that is a very smooth and wonderful side. It is best enjoyed by stopping for a moment and allow the smell and aroma to stir up all your internal senses before diving in for a sip.

Henry’s Blend

Named for a sleepy cat, this blend tastes robust and complex. It is a blend of Latin American coffee beans that has a well-rounded finish. It is a very strong cup of coffee that will perk you up. It was named after a sleepy cat that used to curl up next to the company’s roasters and soak its heat.

 Toasty Hazelnut

The hazelnut escape hatch has a slightly sweet, nutty and rich taste. The nutty and aromatic notes of roasted hazelnuts are combined with perfection to create the most balanced blend of premium coffee beans for a rewarding and delicious taste. And this blend is sugar-free.

Very Vanilla

This blend will make you look at the sweeter side of life. It has a sweet, smooth and flavorsome taste. It is a beautifully balanced blend of premium coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection. The blend also has the correct amount of sweet-tasting vanilla. It is indeed a wonderful way to sweeten up your day.

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