Best Single Serve Coffee Makers in 2023

Single serve coffee makers have been in fashion for a long time now, but only started to be noticed in recent years. With innovations and new styles from manufacturers of the single serve coffee maker, the single serve has taken over the market.The single serve coffee maker operates easily. The brewing process is very easy, as it only involves hot water heated to a particular temperature to be passed through a coffee pod containing already ground coffee.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker & Fast Grounds Brewer, Brews in Minutes, 8-14oz.
  • SCOOP YOUR FAVORITE GROUND COFFEE, PLACE AND BREW. Simplify the way you brew by scooping your favorite ground coffee. Since the permanent filter of this single-serve coffee maker doubles as a scoop, there's no need to measure coffee grounds.Filter type:Reusable
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND EASY ON YOUR WALLET. For fresh flavor and less waste, skip plastic pods and paper filters. Since this coffee maker doesn't use K-Cup* pods and brews with a permanent filter, there's less to buy and nothing to throw away.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: With the adjustable stand, you can brew into a standard 8 oz. cup of coffee or up to 14 oz. into a 7” travel mug (not included).
  • BREW COFFEE YOUR WAY: Make your coffee stronger or weaker to suit your taste by selecting a bold or regular strength option.
  • PEACE OF MIND WITH AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Brew a cup and walk away — this coffee maker automatically shuts off after brewing so you don’t have to turn it off.
#2 Coffee Cup News - Famiworths Iced Coffee Maker, Hot and Cold Coffee Maker Single Serve for K Cup and Ground, with Desc
  • All-in-One Iced and Hot Coffee Maker: Built with deep coffee extraction technology, this ice coffee maker brews over ice and delivers the perfect cup of fresh, flavorful iced coffee. Simply press the "REGULAR" button to enjoy your delicious hot coffee in just 4 minutes. Both hot and iced coffee can be made using a k pod or with your favorite ground coffee in this single serve coffee maker. Only 6oz of water is used for best flavor if using pods to make iced coffee.
  • Equipped with a large reusable ground filter - concerned about increased plastic waste due to k-pods? This coffee machine allows you to choose an more eco-friendly and economical lifestyle. A reusable filter can be used to brew ground coffee and is large enough to hold 25g of ground coffee, providing a bolder coffee compared to using pods. A cap is added to the filter to prevent ground coffee from flowing into the cup, so your coffee always tastes smooth.
  • Fits in any small space and is also compatible with travel mugs - This single cup coffee maker is compact and slim, it does not take up much space on the counter, while it fits a 6.7-inch tall travel mug . You can take your coffee out of the house with the travel mug to enjoy delicious coffee everywhere and anytime.
  • Self-cleaning and descaling reminder for hassle-free cleaning: No need to be on the lookout when it's time to clean your iced coffee maker, the built-in descaling reminder will notify you by displaying an alternate red light on the 2 brew buttons. When that time comes, just add some descaling solution and press the 2 buttons for 2 seconds at the same time and this coffee brewer will start cleaning itself.
  • Healthy and safe: this one cup coffee maker is made from BPA-free materials and does not have a large water tank, which means that each brew uses the full amount of water that is put in. This ensures that the water is always clean so that the coffee comes out fresher and of better quality. After brewing the coffee, the pod coffee maker will automatically turn off, making it safer to use even when you are in a hurry.
#3 Coffee Cup News - BELLA Dual Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker, K-cup Compatible with Ground Coffee Basket & Adapter - Ca
  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE COFFEE POT - Whether you're craving a rich and bold flavor or need a quick and convenient cup on-the-go, this versatile appliance can handle it all. Compatible with both K-Cups and ground blends, it's a must-have for any coffee lover
  • LARGE CAPACITY - This little coffee brewer is a game changer for any household. With a generous 14oz water reservoir and simple one-touch operation, you'll be able to make a delicious hot beverage for the whole family in just a few minutes with no fuss
  • GREAT FOR ANY CUP - With its adjustable tray, no cup size is too big or too small - even your trusty travel mug will fit perfectly. Our coffee machine also comes with a handy ground basket, allowing you to explore and experiment with infusions and teas
  • CLEAN WITH EASE - BELLA's coffee machines feature a silicone cup holder that helps reduce spillage and keep your kitchen sparkling clean. Our tea brewer is small and compact, making it perfect for any countertop without taking up too much precious space
  • AN EXQUISITE GIFT - This beautiful coffee maker is a great addition to your wedding registry and a cute present for a housewarming party and birthdays. It's versatile, fast, and easy to use, and it comes in different colors to fit every kitchen décor
#4 Coffee Cup News - BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker, Single Serve Brewer with Adjustable Drip Tray and Permanent Fi
  • VERSATILE BREWING - BELLA'S single cup coffee maker features a dishwasher safe permanent filter that not only lets you brew delicious coffee but also hot water for tea, chocolate, oatmeal & more. Enjoy a variety of beverages with just one appliance.Filter type:Permanent Filter
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Our coffee machines are perfect for busy mornings when time is of the essence. With a 14-oz water tank, our single serve coffee maker is perfect for brewing full mugs for the whole family without having to refill often
  • EFFICIENT AND DELICIOUS - Enjoy a robust and fragrant beverage with our simple one touch operation. The streamlined pumping system of the coffee machine ensures fast and easy brewing, so you can have a great cup of coffee in minutes with minimal cleanup
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY CUP - The drip tray of our small coffee makers can be adjusted to accomodate cups of any size, including travel sized and personal mugs. This will prevent spillage and allow you to bring your coffee anywhere you go
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The BELLA coffee maker has a sleek design that won't clutter your countertop, making it perfect for smaller kitchens, office, studios, and dorms. It also makes a great gift for any coffee lover who enjoys modern and stylish appliances
#5 Coffee Cup News - Keurig K- Slim Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Multistream Technology, White
  • MULTISTREAM TECHNOLOGY: Extracts full flavor and aroma in every brew.
  • FITS ANYWHERE: Less than 5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces.
  • MULTIPLE CUP WATER RESERVOIR: Removable 46 oz. reservoir lets you brew up to *4 cups before refilling.
  • BREWS MULTIPLE CUP SIZES: brew an 8, 10, or 12 oz. cup at the push of a button.
  • FAST & FRESH BREWED: Coffee made in minutes.


Single Serve Coffee Makers


Single serve coffee makers have been in fashion for a long time now, but only started to be noticed in recent years. With innovations and new styles from manufacturers of the single serve coffee maker, the single serve has taken over the market.

The single serve coffee maker operates easily. The brewing process is very easy, as it only involves hot water heated to a particular temperature to be passed through a coffee pod containing already ground coffee.

The single serve coffee maker can also be used in brewing other drinkable liquids such as; tea, hot chocolate, and milk related liquids. Single serve coffee makers are both home and commercial place friendly, can be used at a workplace and at a cafe shop.

Here is some detailed information on single serve coffee, the types of single serve coffee maker, why you should get a single serve coffee maker, and where to get top quality single serve coffee maker.

Types of Single Serve Coffee Maker

There is more than a hundred type of single serve coffee maker on the market presently, here’s a list of the most commonly known available single serve coffee maker on the market;

1. Keurig K-Class Single Serve Coffee maker

The K-Class is one of the special edition coffee makers by Keurig. It comes in a very classic sleek style which makes it tempting to both coffee maker lovers and non-coffee maker lovers. It is one coffee maker that can be used both at home and at commercial places. The K-class also has some features that make it irresistible.

With a removable water reservoir, you can store water for brewing coffee in the K-Class and also refill at ease. It also comes with simple usable buttons for brewing coffee. It packs a fast brew system that brews coffee in under one minute. Additionally, a mouthwatering auto-off system was included to help keep you safe.

2. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Chulux single serve coffee brewer is another wonder on the market. It makes coffee brewing look like child’s play, with exotic features to assist both beginner and professional coffee makers to brew a sensational cup of coffee. The design and build are also beautiful and is considered as an add-on to purchasing the machine.

With the CHULUX, you can store water in a removable easy to clean reservoir or tank. It also features a removable drip tray. The compactness and portability of the machine is another notable feature of the machine. With simple and easy to understand buttons, you can get your cup of coffee in under just three minutes.

Additionally, the CHULUX uses BPA free plastic and also comes with one-year quality assurance.

3. Hamilton Beach (49976) Flexbrew Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton added its name to the list of greats when it comes to single serve coffee maker, with this machine. The Flexbrew is a nice looking single serve coffee maker machine and is also a leading coffee brewer, changing people’s lives, one coffee at a time. So if you are looking to treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee, The Flexbrew is the best machine to get right now.

It comes as a 2-in-one type of coffee maker, allowing you to make both full pot and single pot type of cap. A detachable reservoir is also one of the scintillating features the flexbrew has. It also has a programmable timer and an auto-off system that turns the system off after completing the brewing process. It can also work with Melissa small paper filters.

4. Cuisinart DC-3000 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart pours out love and passion, and zeal into making this one product that has forever changed the whole of single-serve coffee market. Cuisinart believed they had made the best ever single serve coffee maker with the DC-3000, so if you are a coffee lover and are looking to get the best coffee maker on the market, here are a few features of the DC-3000;

It is no news that single serve coffee allows for just one cup at a time. Yes to the water reservoir, that is removable and easy to wash. It also comes with an adjustable or pre-programmable auto-off system. This brand of coffee maker also has a perfect light system to show that coffee is being dispensed.

Why should you buy a Single Serve Coffee Maker?

There is a pool of reasons why you should consider investing in a single serve coffee maker. Here are a few of those reasons;

  1. It is Convenient and Easy to Use

The convenience that comes with having a coffee maker at your house or commercial place is the same that comes with having a single serve coffee maker. The joy you enjoy, when you have visitors over, and they prefer a cup of coffee over bottles of soda. They are also easy to use, with the tap of one button, you get perfectly brewed sensational coffee.

  1. It is Cost Efficient

On the average, single serve coffee makers are cheap. If you have little money to spare, you can easily invest in a single serve coffee maker that costs so low. Many people think of the short run when it comes to buying the perfect coffee machine. Summing up the total money spent directly or indirectly in getting a cup of coffee, it is preferable to have a single serve coffee maker handy. It is also cheap to maintain.

  1. Allows you to Freestyle with Coffee

In addition to brewing coffee with masterclass, and extracting the intense aroma and exquisite flavor of coffee, the single serve coffee brewer also allows you to explore different styles of making coffee. It also gives you that edge of flavoring your coffee to taste while still brewing touch coffee. This benefit is the major reason coffee lovers prefer single serve coffee makers to any other type on the market.

Where can you get a Single Serve Coffee Maker?

Single serve coffee makers are quite an exquisite type of coffee maker machines and deserve to be called true coffee maker machines. Getting the perfect single serve machine is not easy, but at CoffeeCupNews you can get top quality single serve coffee maker machines with a hundred percent guaranty. If you are a coffee lover and you want to enjoy coffee at its best and don’t know where to get it, look no further.


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