Best Stash Teas in 2022

The Stash Tea, founded in 1972 in Portland, started selling loose herbal teas and bulk herbs to natural food stores. Soon they switched focus to include unique and beneficial bagged teas and sell a full line of traditional and specially blended herbal teas.


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Stash Tea

The Stash Tea is an industry that was founded in 1972 in Portland. At first Stash Tea was concerned with the supply of loose herbal teas and bulk herbs to several stores selling natural food, but in 1975 they switched focus to something more unique and beneficial.

The focus of the company was further broadened in 1975, at this time, they increased their production to produce bagged teas, and they also proceeded to sell a full line of traditional and specially blended herbal teas.

They have now improved greatly when it comes to the type of products that are being offered to their customers; Stash Tea is the best.

Important Elements of the Stash Tea

Many have enjoyed making use of the Stash Tea products, mostly because of its quality, while others consider several other factors. Here are some essential elements that are deposited in every cup of stash tea you get, they include:

The Stash Tea is sourced only from GMO-Free ingredients and materials. This help in ensuring that only safe and essential product is made available for all their customers.

The Stash Tea is packaged is different from other popular tea packages, other tea packages make use of plastics that come from GMO-Corn. On the other hands, all Stash Tea bags are free of plastics since they are skilfully made from sustainable, unbleached natural fibers and other GMO-free cotton strings.

Stash Tea ingredients are carefully blended to take you on a journey. They are prepared to take you on the interesting flavourful journey.

Price is always considered before the start of a sale, and this is to ensure you are getting your money worth or something better. Stash Tea also offers all their products at competitive prices to help all their customers benefit from their products.

Stash Tea Product Types

There are several Stash Tea products in the market that you can choose from depending on your choice, but here are some of their top products;

The Stash Herbal and Decaf Tea Sampler

The Stash Herbal and Decaf Tea Sampler is a tea pack that comes with 40 bags. It also has 20 flavor assortments which make it one of the unique products you can get in the tea market. it contains 15 herbal teabags, while also having 5 black tea bags and 2 green tea bags in all. With every cup taken, there are several things you can be sure of, that the quantity of nutrient for all your activities for the day is delivered.

The 6-Tea Stash Tea organic tea

This is another 6-flavor assortment of organic tea offered by stash tea. By organic assortment, it means that all the ingredient in the tea is organic in nature. Ingredients included each box include Organic chamomile, organic premium green, organic gold cup chai and many more.

The packing procedure of this tea guarantees the best taste for you; it promises to keep the taste intact no matter the time it was packed. This also makes it easier for you to enjoy your cup of tea whenever you are ready to take it.

The Stash Tea Organic Earl Grey Green and Black

It comes with a golden color when seen in the cup; the organic earl grey delivers the beautiful taste that help refreshed both your body and spirit. Several people have enjoyed adding both sugar and milk to it in order to make it enjoyable for all interested. It carries the unmistakable identity of quality

The product comes with 100 count boxes which help ensure that every sip you take in your cup is from a premium source. As a premium bagged tea, Stash tea has ensured they make use of the best tools for bagging their product. The introduction of stay-fresh foil wrappers helps in keeping your tea fresh at all times.

With this product, both your early morning and late in the evening food can be accompanied by the best tea products, which are all blended with natural ingredients that are 100% unique and natural.

Stash Tea Variety Packs

The Stash tea variety packs is another top product from Stash Tea. If you are interested in enjoying all the 15 teas that are available, the Stash Tea variety pack is the best choice for you.  It is a certified Kosher premium quality tea that comes with 100 ingredients that are all natural.

Unique tasting experience and delivery of healthy products also make this one of the best products around, on the other hand, the Stash Tea variety pack is compatible with the Keurig k-cup brewers, and several other top brewers that are available.

Stash Tea organic premium green tea

This is one of the Japanese styled tea that contains tea bags that are packed organically with foil to help preserve its amazing contents. As a non-GMO ingredient, this product is suitable for all tea loyal. This product is developed to help you take tea more frequently.

As an organic Japanese styled tea, it is processed in the traditional way in order to get the best taste, and flavor. Preparing with the traditional method has helped in preserving tea that keeps it color fresh,

In the 18 count boxes that are parked individually with the sole goal of helping tea lovers enjoy premium tea that delivers the best nutrients for them all.

The product comes with premium bagging. Thanks to the introduction of the stay fresh foil wrapper, which ensures that your tea is in good condition at all times. The great, incomparable quality of this tea which beat other teas provided by several other competitors in the industry.

Where to get Stash Tea products?

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Last Updated: 07/23/2020