Best Sumatra Coffees in 2020

The Sumatra coffee is mostly processed using wet processing. The coffee is popular for it light body with smooth and well finished flavor. The aroma is mostly caramel like.

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Sumatra coffee

Coffee growing regions in Sumatra

Coffee from Sumatra is the earliest to be harvested in Indonesia than the rest of coffee growing areas like Sulawesi and java. It is located in the northwestern island in the country. Regions that produce quality coffees in Sumatra include Lintong, Mandheling and Aceh. Mandheling coffee crops are grown in the area around Lake Toba (among some of the deepest world lakes.). The coffee from this region is spicy flavored with syrupy and complex bodies.

The other coffee growing region Lintong is located in toba lake south west region and the coffee grown here is earthy. To the region around Mountain Gayo and north of the Island is Aceh. The coffee is produced near river the lake of Tawar and is considered among the cleanest and least complex compared to other Sumatra coffee. The coffee is also less in body with fine and smooth acidity. The coffee is mostly wet processed though some is still dry processed. The coffee is typically fruity and intense juicy. The coffee is usually harvested around November and March.

Quality of Sumatra coffee

The other coffee growing region is Sumatra. Mandheling and ankola (name used for Arabica seldom market) are one of the major worlds popular varieties of best quality coffee beans. Mandheling is produced in the region exterior of the city called Padang. The coffee has a heavy, syrupy like body with composite flavor and low acidity. The coffee is dry processed through natural processing to give it rich and unique flavor.

Varieties of coffee beans grown in Sumatra

Robusta is a low grade coffee bean with more caffeine and low quality flavor. The crops flower twice a year giving room to two harvesting periods. The plants have more yields than the Arabica coffee. In Sumatra the period of flowering is usually November- January. The Robusta are cross pollinating while the Arabica are self -pollinating. The fruits remain the same way for six to eight weeks after pollinating. Fifteen weeks is the period within which the fruits develop to full grown cherries.

Processing the Sumatra coffees

Picking begins when the coffee cherries start turning red in color. Small scale farmers usually practice handpicking while the larger estates use strip picking machinery to harvest the coffees. Hand picking method is preferred by most people since only the wells ripen and defect free coffee berries are picked. The beans stay for about two days before undergoing further processing.

Wet processing

The coffees are mostly wet processed in Sumatra. Using this method the bean is processed immediately after being picked. Water system is used to process the beans. The result of this process ids more cleaner, fruitier and bright beans. The bean is kept in water for about 24 to 48 hours to allow the bean to ferment. This is where the coffee bean gains the fine and acidity great flavor. During fermentation, the pulp softens for easier removing.

Dry processing

Some coffees are also processed naturally though rare. Drying method is the common technique used in java to process coffee beans but used in small scale production of Sumatra. It involve under the sun coffee beans drying laid on sack, concrete on the road side. The beans must be less than 5 centimeters high and should be regularly turned to ensure enough humidity is achieved. Having the beans rained on is not an option and should be avoided.

The drying takes some weeks and one the outer cover starts peeling off the pulp is removed. Mulching of the by machinery though most of them are manual- hand driven. The result of this process is green coffee bean which is thrice small than the picked cherry. This method coffee bean is smooth, sweet, complex and heavy bodied flavor.

Roasting Sumatra coffees

The whole idea of roasting is making the green beans aromatic and brown ready for grounding to produce a favorite brew. The beans are kept in motion throughout the roasting period to stop them from getting burnt. Beans not roasted enough have a nutty and pasty taste. Over roasted coffees are thin in body, industrial flavored and burnt.

Since most coffee producers do not own roasting facilities in Sumatra, they entrust the process to other roasters. The fact that you cannot compare the coffees before and after roasting to see if there are the same, the producers closely inspect the process to ensure that the beans are not exchanged with some inferior coffees. Some unethical roasters have replaced the farmers coffee with lower quality beans or mix the coffees with corn whisk look similar after roasting.

Brewing the Sumatra coffees

Brewing the Sumatra coffees

Three methods can be used to brew the Sumatra coffee beans namely: coffee press, drip coffee and espresso coffee brewing.

Grounding coffee beans from Sumatra

Coffee is best brewed as a fresh roast and fresh ground to achieve an amazing experience. Hot water should be used for brewing as opposed to boiling water. This is due to the fact that boiling will vaporize the coffee contents leading to murdering the good aroma and flavor of the coffees.

Espresso coffee bean brewing

The espresso method uses pressure to brew the coffee. Coffee is usually inserted into a small vessel and condensed water from steamed water is made to pass via the coffee using mechanical high pressure. Some machines use steamed milk taps while making cappuccino. Though espresso machines are not easy to use but the coffees produced by them are awesome.

Drip coffee brewing

This is one of the most revered and easy to use brewing methods. The best filters include synthetic filters or metal mess to get the most out of the coffees.

Other coffee making methods include boiling on open fire over a pot, cold brew, vacuum brewer and French press. The Sumatra coffees are most suitable for any brewing method though some like the French press bring out strong and well balanced flavor.

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