Tazo Tea

Over the years, Tazo Tea has not relented in the delivery of top quality, nutritious, and rich in flavor tea, this has helped many enjoy the true taste of tea. Here are some of the top teas offered by Tazo Tea.

Top Tazo Teas

Tazo Tea

Tazo Tea is the name given to the amazing tea provided by Tazo. Tazo is an industry who are on the quest to become the best tea maker in the world. The inspiration of the name was the amazing whirling mating dance done by Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. This dance is also both taken by several other countries, and it is very interesting.

The founder of Tazo, Steven Smith, explains that the spirit of creativity is the major inspiration of this tea, the spirit of adventure and more importantly the spirit of originality is the foundation on which Tazo was built.

Steven did well at the start of the business by performing many wonders with his tea. He earned a reputation for being a person that performs wonder with his tea. This is the same philosophy the industry still carries, the creation of unexpected but highly flavor tea.

The Top Tazo Tea

Over the years, Tazo Tea has not relented in the delivery of top quality, nutritious, and rich in flavor tea, this has helped many enjoy the true taste of tea. Here are some of the top teas offered by Tazo Tea:

Tazo Tea Refresh-Mint

The Tazo Tea Refresh Mint is another top herbal tea that is provided by Tazo. It comes with a refresh-mint, this is an invigorating herbal infusion of peppermint, and spearmint this makes it carry the best cool crispness you desire, this is then dressed up with a pinch of tarragon which reasonably helps add a rich kick to the tea. Tarragon is an herb that contains the evergreen spice.

The Tazo Tea Refresh Mint is a caffeine-free tea that has been enjoyed by many tea lovers around the world. Amazing enough, this tea can be prepared from start to finish within 5 to 10 minutes. Each pack contains 20 bags which makes it perfect for families and a large gathering.

Tazo Awake English Breakfast Black Tea

Black tea has been elected as the perfect and most nutritious by many tea lovers over the ear. The same is true of the Tazo Awake English Breakfast Black tea, as an herbal tea, this tea contains the ingredient to crave for in every tea. It is perfectly suitable for breakfast with its malty boldness and the top rich flavor it carries.

Tagged the breakfast tea, this does not limit the time it can be taken, no matter the time of the day, the tea is ready at your service. It contains an amazing level of caffeine (61+ mg) which help it deliver the top benefit of caffeine for all. His amazing tea is expertly sourced which result in the best quality taste. Catch a cup and sip joyfully.

Tazo Black Tea, Chai

There are teas, and there are classic teas, the Tazo black tea chai is one of the top classic tea you will find around. It is given birth to as a result of the robust blend of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, spices, and black pepper. It contains a moderate level of caffeine which makes it suitable for all who love caffeinated tea.

Thanks to the presence of black tea in this tea, the top rich flavor is delivered in every cup, it also contains ginger which makes the tea warm and delivers exhilarating spice. The production process leading to perfection make use of carefully handpicked tea from several communities around the world.

Tazo Tea Chai Decaf

Do you love decaffeinated tea? If you do, the Tazo tea chai decaf is the perfect choice for you. The tea is made with several natural ingredients like the decaffeinated black tea, rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, chicory, cardamom, and other naturally effective ingredients.

The Tazo Tea Chai Decaf is made with the best ingredients to help it carry the flavor that all can enjoy, that has been the experience of many since they have tasted this amazing product. With a cup, you can help yourself to the beautiful day you desire.

Tazo Matcha Mate Grapefruit Tea

This is an amazing green tea that is carefully crafted to carry fresh taste and the best level of sweetness. As a mild tea, you are sure to enjoy every sip the cup you take. The production process makes use of yerba mate leaves which makes it easy to create an earthly a that carries the bold flavor.

The addition of Matcha to this tea makes it delicious. Matcha is a naturally sweet green tea powder which many often refers to as lift spirits, and the addition of the grapefruit makes the tea complete. This tea contains a reasonable amount of caffeine that is beneficial for the health. Beautiful enough, this tea can easily be prepared within 5 minutes.

Tazo Herbal Tea Passion

The Tazo Herbal Tea Passion is another top herbal tea delivered by Tazo tea, and the tea is given birth to thanks to the herbal infusion of hibiscus orange peel, rose hips, and the amazing flavor of the passion fruit. Each pack contains 20 filter tea bags.

Tazo Iced Tea, Giant Peach

Taking a bottle of the Tazo Iced Tea shows clearly that you are a strong tea lover. This product is designed to add joy to every cup you take, the production process of this tea made use the most delicious tea leaves, botanicals, and spices. The giant Peach Tazo tea is a green tea with perfect juice. The best taste of tea originates with the Tazo.

Health Benefits of Taking Tazo Tea

Wondering if it is beneficial to take Tazo Tea? Here are two amazing feature of this tea that should motivate lay your hands on it.

1. Caffeinated

Many argue that the Tazo tea contains caffeine, but it is worthy to note that the caffeine present in the tea makes it perfect for all tea lovers. The caffeine present makes it easier for you to stay focused mentally, it also helps reduces migraines and lower blood pressure. This has been the reason why many take the azo tea.

2. Fluoride 

The presence of fluoride in the Tazo tea makes it more beautiful. Both the green and black Tazo tea act as a natural source of fluoride. Fluoride helps in preventing dental cavities, the green tea on an average contains o.4mg of fluoride, while the black tea contains an amazing 0.5mg.

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