The Bean Coffee Company

The Bean Coffee Company delivers coffee beans which are roasted with order and deal 100 percent organic coffee beans. The beans are characterized by great taste, quality and 100 percent organic with ultimate freshness.

The Bean Coffee Company Motto: Fresh Roasted to Order ~ 100% Organic. It’s All About The Bean.

Top Coffees from The Bean Coffee Company

The Bean Coffee Company

Coffee Bean Company was established in 2007 and is family owned and operated. They first used the farmer’s coffee in south California before going to Marin County and beyond. The company got very good response from their customers which motivated them to local eateries, markets and community events. With rapid and impressive growth in 2008, the company acquired a facility for roasting coffee which has over 30 years rich experience in coffee roasting.

Important to note

The company is mostly devoted to deliver quality, pleasant great tasting coffee beans. The beans they use are 100 percent Arabica coffee beans grown in high elevated regions in the world and also grown under shade.

The coffee beans are also 100 percent organic and also natural meaning the farmers do not use any type of chemical produce while farming coffee beans- no use of pesticides, inorganic fertilizers and herbicides.

To ensure ultimate freshness and quality, the beans are roasted in small batches. The roasting is just perfect- nor over roasting or extracting to much bitterness.

Characteristics of the Bean Coffee company

  • • Coffee produced by this company is free of gluten. In case of adding any sweetening or sugar to your coffee, the Bean Coffee Company encourages the consumers to consult the products manufactures.
  • Though the company beans are not certified as kosher and the company does not claim to deal with kosher beans, the beans are kosher. This is due to the fact that being that the bean only comes into contact with water from harvesting to processing and finally roasting and no other product. Flavored coffee is not kosher.
  • Bean Coffee Company makes use of the natural Swiss water decaffeinating method to process their coffee beans. This makes the beans 99.9 percent decaf and natural at the same time. Bean Coffee flavor is not altered during the roasting process and taste like any other real coffee.
  • The shipping cost is passed through to the shipping companies that Bean Coffee Company give as option to their customers. The coffee is usually sold on the Bean Coffee site, and
  • To flavor their coffee, the Bean Coffee Company uses only the natural extracts in all their branded flavor coffee.

Customer subscriptions

Bean Coffee Company offers subscription services for getting coffee which is discounted and has coffee delivered to their clients automatically. In the areas within United States, coffee is shipped using USPS and federal express. The company usually roasts and delivers coffee ordered within 72 hours after receiving the clients order from CA San Diego.

Depending on the shipping method chose by customer and the geographic location, shipping time may vary. The bean company usually estimate the period of shipping and delivery dates depending on what you order and how you want your product shipped. Most rates for most of the coffee items for the company are basically based on weight.

How the company ensures that Bean Coffee customers get the best

Bean Coffee Company is very picky when choosing their coffee beans. They only go for the washed processed beans which are organically grown. All their coffee beans are chosen from the most popular and high grade Arabica coffee producing country in the world. These regions include Indonesia especially the Sumatran coffee, Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Papua New Guinea coffee.

The company believes in including values in dealing with their customers, employees and all the company’s partners.

Types of coffee sold by the Bean Coffee company

Ground coffee

Bean Coffee company sell ground coffee as flavored, single origin, decaf or blend. Some of the favorite ground coffee are pumpkin spice organic coffee, Hawaii hazelnut aloha organic bean, organic holiday bean with vanilla cinnamon spice, organic charismas roast, organic vanilla bean, organic caramel, organic java mocha, chocolate organic macadamia nut coffee, breakfast organic blend, peppermint organic mocha, organic decaf vanilla nut, Sumatra organic, 50 percent decaf French roast organic coffee.

Whole bean

Bean Coffee provides fresh roasted coffee beans for sale to the customers. This whole coffee bean gives most fresh brewed coffee than the ground coffee. Some of the whole coffee beans offered by the Bean Coffee include Ethiopia organic, Latin blend, Papua New Guinea organic coffee, Indonesian blend organic coffee, Kenya organic coffee, Vienna organic roast, California organic blend, egg Nog organic coffee among others.


These are coffee blends made from the best beans in the world and also with other natural flavors. They include decaf organic pumpkin spice coffee, suzi’s organic power bean, house blend, Latin blend, classic dark roast among others.

Green coffee beans

This is green coffee beans for those who like roasting the coffee beans at the comfort of their home to enjoy total freshness in their brew. These include Peruvian, Sumatran, and Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan, decaf, Costa Rican and Colombian green coffee beans.

Cold brew coffee packs

This is a park of coffee bean roasted specially for roasting with cold water and goes for about $13.99 on the Bean Coffee company site.

Decaf coffee

This is decaffeinated coffee using the Swiss water method. Some of the Bean Coffee decaf varieties include Hawaiian hazelnut decaf aloha organic bean, California blend decaf, dark French decaf le bean, peppermint mocha decaf, pumpkin spice decaf among others.

Single origin coffee beans

This is specialty coffee which produce great flavor on themselves without needing to be combined with other coffee beans. Some of the single origin coffee beans offered by the Bean Coffee company include those sourced from Sumatra, Costa Rica, Kenya, Columbian classic, Irish organic cream, Costa Rican green beans, Ethiopian, Papua New Guinea, and Guatemala. Green coffee beans are also single origin including those from Nicaraguan, Peru, and Mexican among others.

Flavored coffee

The common flavors used by the Bean Coffee company include peppermint, chocolate, pumpkin spice, latte, mocha, egg Nog, vanilla, macadamia nut, caramel, Irish cream, milk, among others while some blends may contain more than one of this flavors. The coffee is also grouped with the roast which includes Vienna roast, French roast, and dark roast among others. The flavored coffee can either be ground, decaf or any other form.

Coffee recipes for Bean Coffee company coffees

Latte-Red velvet recipe

Get half cup of dark roasted coffee bean of Bean Coffee, one cup of milk, one table spoon sugar, and food coloring-red – three drops, vanilla extract half tea spoon, chocolate morsel quarter spoon and whipped garnish cream.

Milk and sugar are added into a sauce pan then brought to a medium or simmer heat. The mixture is stirred until the sugar dissolves. The mixture is then removed from the heat and mixed in chocolate until it starts melting.

Vanilla, food coloring and coffee are then added and stirred. The concoction is then whipped with garnish cream and the chocolate morsels.

Egg Nog

It is not a must you buy the already flavored coffee with egg Nog. Mixing a fresh egg Nog batch for your coffee and serve with hot coffee topped with whipped cream will give you greater satisfaction.

Latte- pumpkin spice

With almond two coffee cups, two tea spoon pumpkin puree, one tea spoon vanilla extract, pie spice from dash pumpkin and half cup any Bean Coffee robust blend you can make a great latte flavored with pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin, vanilla and milk are heated on a saucepan until they are hot. The mixture is then removed and then coffee and whisk spice added. You can top you flavored coffee with whipped cream.

Some of the best bean company coffee to serve your family and friends in the Thanksgiving Day alongside the turkey include pumpkin spice, mocha, peppermint flavored coffee and java mocha coffee from the Bean Coffee company.

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