Best Tim Hortons Coffees in 2022

Tim Hortons coffee is served in the Hortons chain stores in Europe, Canada the home of the company and Asia. The coffee is one hundred percent Arabica with a mellow and sweet flavor. It is served alongside other beverages like chocolate and tea with a snack, the famous one being Doughnut.

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Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons is a food restaurant which is transnational and is popular for serving coffee and doughnuts. It is Canada’s largest food chain restaurant; with restaurants in fourteen countries which add up to 4613. This includes its home country Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, China, Philippians, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Oman, and Ireland.

Brief history

The headquarters of the company is situated in Canada, Ontario, and Oakville. It was founded 57 years ago, in 1964. The founders were Tim Horton and Ron Joyce. Tim Horton, a hockey player, and Jim Charade founded the company in Hamilton, Ontario after first venturing in hamburger restaurants and then partnered with Ron Joyce who made the company to a franchise, worth multi-million dollars.

In 1966, Charade left the company and then in 1970 and 1993 he returned briefly leaving it for good in 1996 and then dying later in 2009. Tim Horton died earlier in the year 1974. The company was then bought in 2014 by Burger King.

Where Tim Hortons restaurants are located

In Canada

Initially, the Tim Hortons business concentrated in the regions of Ontario and the Atlantic in Canada. The chain then extended to Quebec and also in western Canada. Internationally the company’s outlets include the USA.

United States

In the United States, the company is known as a cafe and bake’shop. At first the company’s stores in the USA was as a result of USA border areas natural extension into Canada. This includes Maine and Buffalo stores where the Tim Horton’s founder played as a Buffalo Sabres member. First Tim Hortons stores to be opened in the states were the Pompano, Florida, Deerfield Beach, in the year 1981. One of the most recent expansions of Tim Hortons’ stores is in Minnesota which is inside the American Mall.

Middle East

Tim Horton entered the United Arab Emirates via franchise partnership of apparel group which is Dubai based. Stores were opened in Fujairah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi in 2011. By the end of the year 2011, the company had 19 stores.


In an attempt to extend the company further specialty, after the merger with the Burger King, the company began expanding in the Asian countries where the demand for coffee is increasing together with the large populations.


As in the year 2018 about 11 stores were opened by the company.

United Kingdom

The first store in the UK was opened in the year 2017. These stores include Bishopbriggs store, two in Cardiff and one in Dunfermline. By the end of the year 2018, the company has opened stores in about 21 locations.


Stores were opened in the center of Madrid and later in Pozuelo City, near Madrid.


The company formed partnerships with the Cold Stone Creamery to open stores which are co-branded by the 2 companies in the United States. The co-branded stores were also opened in Canada like in Ontario.

The company also had some partnership with the Canadian force and opened a store at Kandahar in Afghanistan in which closed in 2011 after serving the military coffee with donuts for five years. Another store was opened in the Fort Knox military base in 2009, another at Norfolk naval station.

Menus at Tim Horton’s Restaurant

Apart from coffee with doughnuts, the restaurants also serve tea and chocolate. The coffee is decaf, dark roast, flavored, cappuccino, iced cappuccino, and iced coffee among other preferences. Besides venturing in other types of food and drinks, the chain heavily depends on coffee.

More than 50 percent of the sale is coffee where 60 percent of total sales in the morning. The company serves coffee which is Arabica beans 100 percent. The original blend is usually a medium and well-balanced roast which most popular is served in Canada. The company is known for its policy of serving freshly brewed coffee.

The company added espresso machines and lattes to offer white hot and fresh coffee beverages in some of its stores in Canada.

Some favorite Tim Hortons

Dark roast- made from Arabica coffee beans 100 percent and the beans are roasted with attention to details to bring out the most flavor. The flavor is dark and rich with delicious taste coupled with a full body flavor.

Take home- the flavor signature in each cup of their premium coffee blends is a product of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans and is sourced from the best and popular coffee growing zones in the world. The beans are specially roasted and blended with the main aim of offering good quality and consistent cup of coffee to the customers.

Tim Horton decaf- the flavor, unlike many decafs, is like that of real coffee. It is naturally decaffeinated by the use of Swiss water method. The coffee is a registered trademark under the Swiss water decaf coffee company.

French vanilla and English toffee- it is richly flavored with vanilla bean sultry flavor and toffee sweetness, delicious and silky textured. It is served hot and blended with perfection.

Supremo caramel latte- it is a blended espresso premium with a pure indulgence which is served with frothed milk together with caramel creamy flavor. It is then finished a drizzle and whip topping.

Coffee mocha- the coffee is sweet, thick with thickness. It is a premium coffee blends from the best coffee growing regions in the world and is 100 percent Arabica which is served with hot chocolate. The coffee has both artificial and natural flavors which together make a great cup of coffee.

Latte- This is a good milk coffee drink for sharing with friends. It is espresso and premium made with warm and frothy milk. You can take it with less sugar or no sweetening at all. The coffee can be enjoyed with some of the Horton cookies and doughnuts.

Cappuccino- it is a drink similar to a latte but with more added premium espresso coffee. It is served with lots of frothy milk and it is a fine drink any time of the day.

Mocha latte- is an espresso coffee drinks which is topped with whipped chocolate and drizzle chocolate. It is mixed with cocoa and frothed milk mix.

The special coffee beverages at Tim Hortons are good tasting, rich in flavor and something to take at home, in summer or freezing seasons. At their chain stores, you can be served a hot, any type of the companies coffee drink with a fresh donut, sandwiches, grilled Panini, timbits, mac and cheese with chilly, bagels, pastries and cookies. Note that their coffee is a blend from Arabica beans only making the coffee to be of high quality.

Partnership with farmers

Tim Hortons focuses on serving community true differences. Through their partnership, they extend their service and cooperating with small farmers where their coffee is produced. Their main objective is having the living conditions of the small farmers improved to increase sustainable farming, quality of the coffee beans and also increase the yields. It was started in the year 2005 and has mainly concentrated in coffee growing regions in Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil.

Community involvement of Tim Hortons

The company sponsors community outreach programs like free swimming, free skating, bike earning programs, and food drives among others.

Ron Joyce founded the children’s foundation branded by the company which helps the company promote itself by having a lot of underprivileged children sponsored in both Canada and the USA.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020