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People all around the world drink and enjoy a daily dose of coffee. In fact, most of them start their day by drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee has become so popular today that it is known by a lot of nicknames like ‘a cup of java’ or ‘a cup of joe’. Coffee is often served at parties, company meetings, and other such social gatherings.

If you are indeed looking for a strong cup of joe that will shake things up, you have landed at the right space. Death Wish Coffee is a company that is known to produce some of the strongest coffee flavors, including the Valhalla Java Coffee.

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Caribou Coffee, Caribou Blend, Ground, 20 oz. bag, Smooth & Balanced Medium Roast Coffee Blend from the Americas & Indonesia, with A Rich, Syrupy Body & Clean Finish; Sustainable Sourcing
  • BLENDS FOR ALL TASTE: Start the morning with our light breakfast blend, Daybreak, with a sweet caramel & nut finish. Take a break with flavorful Vanilla Hazelnut Dreamstate or Chocolate Wonder. Make the final mug of the day in our Caribou Blend in Decaf.
  • COFFEE BREWS COMMUNITY: Drinking coffee is social: buying sustainably sourced coffee beans, brewing a pot for breakfast, dunking cookies with friends in cafes. Caribou Coffee roasts a variety of blends, from flavored coffee to classics like French Roast.
  • BREW YOUR BEST: Brewing the best cup of coffee for your household starts with finding your favorite roast, blend or flavor. Whole beans or ground coffee, dark, medium or light, single origin or a blend? Try a variety & find the best brew for the morning.
  • RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED: Caribou Coffee works hard to roast the best quality coffee, sourcing coffee beans ethically & sustainably. Every Caribou Coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, so each cup of coffee is a thoughtful choice. Sip responsibly.
  • COMPARE WITH: Eight O'clock, Vitascope, illy, Folgers, Organic Coffee Co., Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Koffee Kult, Copper Moon, Community Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, Don Tomas Coffee, Caza Trail Coffee, Hygge Coffee Co.

Valhalla Java Coffee

The Death Wish Coffee Company started off from New York in 2012. Mike Brown, the founder, saw the need for a coffee that was both delicious and strong to serve his morning customers. He managed to create the perfect blend of coffee beans which were roasted in a unique technique. Mike named the blend as the ‘world’s strongest coffee’.

The company won Intuit’s Small Business Big Game competition in 2015. By beating 15,000 other small businesses, Death Wish Coffee Company was given a fully paid commercial. This prize not only saved the company the cost of $5 million but also introduced the brand to more than 170 million viewers all around the world.

Before, the company only had a small cult of regular customers following, but the paid advertisement sky-rocketed the web traffic to 12,000 visitors in a single day. The brand had just seven outlets before the win and now has about 150 outlets today.

Today, Death Wish Coffee Company creates a series of strong coffee, including the Valhalla Java Coffee. The beans used are paired with only the best and unique roasting process. The coffee beans are collected only from the most nutritious soil.

Artificial flavors, chemicals, and additives are a big no in the Death Wish Coffee Company. With a coffee drink like this, you will be able to work faster than any other energy drink, without all the unhealthy side effects or the added sugar. All you need is just one cup to get through your day.

Why Valhalla Java Coffee?

The Valhalla Java Odinforce Coffee is a type of coffee that is made by Death Wish Coffee Company. It was created for Zakk Wylde, one of the most famous rock/metal guitarists today. The beans originate from Indonesia, South America, and Central America and are roasted specifically to maintain and preserve the maximum caffeine content. The coffee is, in fact, marketed to ‘adrenalin coffee junkies’. But despite being a strong coffee, it has a very chocolaty and nutty flavor.

A lot of people are impressed by this coffee’s high caffeine content. This coffee is capable of giving you the additional energy you need to get through long studying or working hours. Or, you can enjoy this coffee to revitalize yourself during normal day-to-day activities. The Valhalla Java Coffee is known to perk people up without causing unwanted side effects or producing a jittery feeling like an upset stomach.

While this coffee will reenergize you, you will also be impressed by its taste. The selection of the coffee beans and the careful roasting process gives the Valhalla Java Coffee a very unique flavor that is smooth and has no bitter aftertaste. The highlights of the blend are a smoky, earthy body with a pleasant acidity. You will also find notes of peppermint and walnut. The roast has an aroma of dark chocolate will precede a crisp acidity on your tongue. Even the packaging is unique and dynamic, depicting Odin, the Norse God, with a gold edifice.


The company is known to offer some great bundles such as:

Ultimate Death Wish Gear Bundle

In this bundle, you will find the Klean Kanteen, a Death Wish T-shirt and the new era logo hat.

  • Klean Kanteen: This is a company bottle that is perfect for traveling. It has a durable construction and vacuum insulation, which is capable of keeping iced drinks frosty for about 24 hours and hot beverages piping up to six hours.
  • Death Wish T-Shirt: This T-shirt by Death Wish is made 100% out of cotton and is breathable and super-comfortable. You will not find a single tag on this shirt and all the instructions related to washing and storing are printed inside.
  • New Era Logo Hat: This is a snapback cap that is free-fitting in size. It is made of 70% woven wool and 30% woven polyester.

Death Wish To Go Or At Home Bundle

Whether you plan on staying home or in a hurry to reach your work, this bundle is perfect for both situations. This bundle is packed with a reusable café cup, a Death Wish Pottery Mug and a 5-lb Death Wish whole or ground coffee bean. With a bundle like this, you can have a cup ready for you on-the-go.

Death Wish Coffee Company Gourmet Coffee Sets For Gifts

If you have coffee lovers as friends, this is a gift that you can give. This gift bundle comes with two bags – the first is a one-pound bag that has the Death Wish Coffee made of the most premium beans.

In the second bag, you will find the Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend made of medium and dark roasts that is capable of producing the most flavorful tasting coffee without all the jitters that strong coffee normally has.

Six-Cup Chemex Death Wish Coffee Bundle (With Cork Coaster and Filters)

The Chemix bundle is the most perfect way to get tastier and stronger cups of coffee. The bundle is packed with a Logo Cork Coaster by Death Wish, filters and six Chemix cups. You will also receive a 1-lb bag of Death Wish Coffee. The Chemix cups are made up of non-porous glass that will not impart any flavor onto the coffee. It can also be used as a water reservoir. You will have the ability to control the brew.

Death Cups

Death Wish Coffee Company has come out with Keurig-compatible coffee pods. Each of these single-serve pods has double the caffeine amount than an average cup of coffee. The cups are completely recyclable as well. Each box comes with easy disposal instructions.

The Valhalla Java Coffee is a great coffee to drink if you are looking for a huge motivation in the morning. The high caffeine content will provide you will a burst of energy you need to accomplish any task. However, this drink is not recommended for people who are pregnant, have a heart condition, or intolerant to caffeine. As long as you remain clear, you will enjoy this powerful blend.

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