Imagine that you find $50 on the streets and you decide that finders are keepers and want to buy equipment to take your coffee brewing to a whole new level. You have two choices to choose from – a brand new coffee maker and a shiny coffee grinder.

As astonishing as it might sound, purchasing a coffee grinder will prove to be more rewarding than purchasing a coffee machine. A grand grinder will alter your coffee drinking experience unlike anything else before. Your beverage will be much more delicious and flavorful. You will have the choice to pre-determine your grind’s strength and flavors. After some time, you will be able to brew coffee that will rival the coffee shop next door.

Whether you are completely new to the world of coffee or have been drinking it since pre-school, the ultimate truth remains the same – a great coffee grinder is the key that you need to unlock the secrets of the most delicious coffee.

Below are some reasons why a coffee grinder is necessary:

There is nothing that can be compared to freshly ground coffee

No one would purchase stale coffee, at least not intentionally. And for that matter, pre-ground coffee is considered as stale coffee. These pre-ground coffees do not contain any flavor and are bitterer than it has to be. It also feels thin on your tongue. This happens because oxygen breaks down the organic molecules and destroys the delicate textures and delicious flavors.

On the other hand, freshly ground coffee features some incredible wild flavors like apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, blueberries, etc.

You can use any type of coffee brewer you want

Pre-ground coffee is mostly available in the fine grind size. Except for auto-drip pots, a very few numbers of coffee makers are able to make use of grounds this size. For instance, the French Press brews the best coffee when the coffee beans are ground to coarse size.

With the help of a coffee grinder, you have the option of setting the grind size according to the type of coffee maker you own. Right from the fine setting needed for espresso to the coarse setting for the French press, you will be able to set the grind size that compliments your coffee brewer.

The choice to brew better coffee

A coffee grinder will enable you to brew better coffee. In case you are not satisfied, you can easily fix the problem. The secret of making great-tasting coffee simply needs to your taste and adjust the grind size each time you brew. If the change is correct, your next cup will taste a lot better than before.

Everything is connected to controlling coffee extraction. Brewed coffee is a result of water mixing with ground coffee. The water first pulls out the bright flavors, which mellow out the harsh compounds. Lastly, deeper notes like nuts and chocolate are extracted. This is only possible with the help of a coffee grinder.

From the above, we come to know that a coffee grinder is one of the indispensable components that is needed to brew the best coffee. Buy one today and know the difference!

Last Updated: 04/02/2023