Best Wolfgang Puck Coffees in 2022


Wolfgang Puck Coffee known for its sustainable sourcing and gourmet flavor is an organic coffee ideal for your office, hotel or home. Besides its flavorful coffee portfolio, Wolfgang Puck also offers tantalizing tea products. The personal blends are grown organically and harvested in a sustainable way ensuring every sip you savor is filled with freshness and joy.

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Wolfgang Puck Coffee

Wolfgang Puck Coffee is created and marketed by Wolfgang Puck. Infused with his innovative ideas and culinary expertise, the specialty coffee brand by Wolfgang Puck is celebrated for its hand-crafted coffee roasts, blends and premium quality.

Everlasting Freshness with Every Sip

Wolfgang Puck coffee is grown in regions handpicked for the favorable environment and sustainability they offer. The coffee grown in such small estates from all parts of the world is roasted with care in tiny batches. This ensures the coffee is fresh and blends smoothness and gourmet flavor in the best way.

Why Wolfgang Puck Coffee Taste Is Unique

The handpicked coffee beans roasted to perfection can be transformed in different brews that range from light to dark coffee with sweet tones to tangy notes. Thus, regardless of your palate and preference, you are sure to find a Wolfgang Puck Coffee brew that suits your specific taste.

The perfect cup of coffee can bring about spectacular changes to your mood, day and life. This is why Wolfgang Puck coffee has ensured that the best methods of quality selection, roasting and blending are used for the preparation of its coffee varieties.

100% Arabica coffees chosen from select coffee growers are handpicked with diverse degrees of meticulous care adopted for the process. Only the ripe berries are harvested from the fine coffee growing regions that are tended with care and passion by farmers ensuring only specialty coffee beans are chosen.

About Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck is a renowned chef, philanthropist, Emmy winner and celebrity restaurateur from Austria. He has diverse range of pursuits, passion and philosophical ideas that are unique and exemplary.

He has created the Wolfgang Puck coffee brand into a sustainable brand by using recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials in the products, packaging and other phases of production. The brand is continuously improving its best practices in attaining better sustainability.

Some of them include:

The roasting plant (award winning) is run with energy generated from renewable and natural sources that are carbon free and 100% green.

The coffee brand has Fair Trade certification and supports economic stability of farmers in the producing countries and it encourages ecofriendly farming methods

Most of the organic coffee blends at Wolfgang Puck are USDA certified ensuring the coffees are sourced from soil that is free of pesticides and damaging chemicals.

Stay Fresh Packs

The Wolfgang Puck coffee pods are packaged in compostable material ensuring zero waste production. The nitrogen flushed method of packing and innovative film used ensures every pod preserved coffee quality and avoid oxygen contamination of pods. So, you can savor your morning coffee and throw the packaging and pod directly in the compost bin.

Try the recyclable EcoCup capsule from Wolfgang Puck coffee that is delicious to taste, easy to use and dispose because of the fully compostable film used.


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Last Updated: 07/22/2020